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Hochstuhl (rot)

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The QuarttoLino has the look of designer furniture, is solid and safe, yet incredibly versatile and easy to use.

Height-adjustable seat and foot rests provide for optimum sitting position and ergonomically correct sitting posture.

Special rollers make it easier to move the QuarttoLino and make it difficult to tip the chair backwards.

As soon as the baby is able to sit up alone, the baby takes a seat in the baby insert. An
easy-to-clean seat cushion for comfort, an easily adjustable baby belt for safety.
The child continues to grow and will then be able to sit in the upper sitting position
without having to use the baby insert.

Is tested to 150 kilograms and is therefore also a fully-fledged piece of furniture for adults.

It can be converted into a rocker, a small children's table with a chair, a small staircase or a large, low-level chair by simply changing the side screws in just a few simple steps.


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